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Seattle, WA 98108

Forensic Engineering and Laboratories

Fire and Explosion Investigation





Since its conceptualization in 1982, MDE has investigated a wide range of fire and explosion related incidents ranging from small automobile fires to catastrophic, multi-fatality losses. Our Technical Services include:

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  • Large Loss Expert Coordination
  • Fire Origin & Cause Investigation
  • Explosion Investigation
  • Site Investigation and Documentation
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Analysis
  • Full- and Reduced-Scale Fire and Explosion Testing
  • Computer Fire Modeling • Ignitable Liquid Residue Analysis
  • Full Laboratory Fire Analysis

Our technical services cover on-site fire and explosion investigation in addition to a full range of litigation support services. MDE performs scene inspections, equipment and appliance inspections and disassembly, and laboratory analysis and testing to identify the origin and cause of fires and explosions. We have investigated and analyzed a wide variety of fires, including:

  • Industrial fires.
  • Commercial fires.
  • Residential fires (single-family home fires and apartment/condo fires).
  • Mobile home and motor home fires.
  • Vehicle fires - collision and non-collision.
  • Propane, oxygen, and gasoline system fires and explosions.
  • Arson