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Forensic Engineering and Laboratories

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Consultation

MDE's team providing industrial hygiene and environmental consultation include experienced certified industrial hygienists, engineers, and other professionals. We provide a broad offering of services for your industrial hygiene, biological or physical contaminant and environmental needs. MDE provides these services proactively (as a preventative measure), forensically, to develop corrective action plans, or as an expert witness. Our areas of expertise include:

Contaminant Investigations, Remediation/Abatement Plans, and Acceptance Inspections

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MDE performs evaluations for a variety of contaminants in residential, commercial, medical, public and industrial facilities. As needed, the evaluation includes:

  • Asbestos (Certified Asbestos Inspector and Designer)
  • Water infiltration
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Rodent infestation
  • Sewage infiltration (includes toilet overflow, rainwater infiltration, plumbing failures, and flooding)
  • Smoke
  • Fire residue
  • Puff-backs
  • Odors
  • Methamphetamine (Washington certified Meth lab)
  • Marijuana grow operations
  • Dusts for allergens, mites, and danders
  • Develop site specific remediation/abatement protocols for one or more contaminant
  • Report of source of the contaminant
  • Development and conducting of acceptance or clearance inspection following the remediation/ abatement work

Industrial Hygiene Evaluations of Sites

  • Indoor air quality
  • Ventilation evaluations
  • Noise studies
  • Confined space
  • Area evaluations for contaminants/chemicals
  • Presence of abnormal concentrations of mold and/or bacteria
  • Post-construction studies
  • Post-remediation/cleanup in hospitals, surgical suites and medical facilities
  • Area noise or particulate studies
  • Volatile organic compound assessments for "green" building certifications

Exposure Assessments

  • Chemicals
  • Physical contaminants
  •  Biological contaminants

Assessments for Compliance with Plans, Standards, and Facility Requirements

Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessments for Ventilation Operation, Chemical Usage and Storage, Etc.

Environmental Assessments

  • Water testing for biological contaminants including Legionella and coliforms
  • Water testing for chemical contaminants and physical properties
  • Airborne particulate and contaminants studies
  • Site-specific environmental compliance plans
  • Disaster preparedness for environmental, health and safety issues
  • EPA compliance audits