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Alternative Sampling Methods To Collect Ignitable Liquid Residues From Non-porous Areas Such As ConcreteMann download
Bagged Dry Snack Food Fire StudyMann Putaansuu download
Calculating Impact Speed is an Important Element of Accident ReconstructionWinsor download
Comparison of Automotive Gasolines Using Capillary Gas Chromatography I: Comparison MethodologyMann download
Comparison of Automotive Gases Using Capillary Gas Chromatography II: Limitations of AutomotiveMann download
Considerations in the Analytical Interpretations of Gas Chromatographic Test Results of Fire Debris.Mann
Couches, Mattresses and Other Upholstered FurniturePutaansuu download
Fire & Arson Investigator-  In search of the Perfect Container for Fire Debris EvidenceMann download
Fire Findings-  Washing Machine Effluent May Provide Clues in DryerMann download
Fire Findings-  Washing machine effluent may provide clues in dryer fire investigationsMann/Fitz download
Fire Investigator-  A Comparison Study of Non-Contact Distance Measurement ToolsMoore Putaansuu download
High Temperature Accelerant Investigation ReportFitz
Ignition Handbook-  Chimneys and FluesFitz download
Ignition Handbook-  Coffeemakers and TeapotsFitz download
Ignition Handbook-  WeldingFitz download
Investigation of a High Tech ArsonistFitz
Low Speed Automobile Impact TestingMartin
Making the Most of a Technical ExpertEvans download
Metallurgical and Microbial Aspects of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)Evans download
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Titanium Wing Attachment BoltsCline download
Microbial Degradation of Gasoline in SoilMann download
Recover Oils Which May Spontaneously Heat  download
Scalding AccidentsMartin download
Slip and Fall AccidentsGoodwin download
Studies of the Dehydration Calcination of Gypsum Wall BoardMann Putaansuu download
The Science of Forensic Building Defect EvaluationsEvans download
The Fire Place-  Dryer Fire Investigations: An Alternative Sampling Protocol toMann
The Fire Place-  EIFS and the Fire InvestigatorPutaansuu download
The Fire Place-  Quoth the Raven, NevermoreOlson download
Tips on Fire Scene Documentation for Fire ModelingPutaansuu download
Tire-Road Friction in Winter Conditions for Accident ReconstructionSchaefer
Vehicle and Occupant Response in Low Speed Car to Barrier Override ImpactsGoodwin
Water Infiltration, Mold Colonization, and Construction DefectsEvans download